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...Recording Notes...

1.     A Walk in the Park
2.     Bigger than Life
3.     The Child Asks Why
4.     Red Velvet
5.     Mood Swing
6.     Out There
7.     Sticky
8.     The Other One
9.     Mutation

1991 was recorded on a Fostex 1/4" reel 8-track recorder in St. Louis, MO in 1991, and mixed in 2009 at The Surface. Cubase was used for additional recording, editing, and mixing. These songs were recorded one at a time over the course of the year (1991). They were never really conceived as "a project" until later. They have always been meaningful to me, even though they were left in a rough form for 18 years after being recorded. Over the years, some people have told me they have enjoyed these songs, and so I wanted to get them into the best shape and put them together as a complete recording. Even though much time has passed, I feel these songs hold together well, and are a good representation of my first serious efforts creating instrumental music. The recording atmosphere was very open, adventurous, and often completely experimental. This project would not have been possible without the help of Scott Lowrey (drum programming, engineering, other instruments) and Mark Heupel (bass).

Most of the original multi-track recordings were preserved, a few were irreparably damaged. Tracks 5, 7, 8, and 9 were reconstructed using old in-progress rhythm track mixes and isolated sections and/or instruments transferred from cassette. The process was sometimes very time-intensive, both in conceiving the reconstruction, and in sonically making the parts fit. A few missing parts were re-recorded. With few exceptions, these parts were painstakingly recreated to match the original as exactly as possible.

The guitars used were an Electra Westone Dynasty XV-2, a Kramer XKG-10, and a Fender American Stratocaster. Some songs used unusual tunings I have developed, the remainder were in standard tuning. Guitar amplification was often an old QSC power amp through an ADA 2x12 cabinet, or a Roland JC-77 or Roland JC-120. Also used often were the Boss DS-1, OD-2, FT-2, OC-2, PH-2, CS-3, the Digitech DSP-128+ and Digitech DSP-256, and a BK Butler Tube Driver rack module. The keyboard used was an old Ensoniq (esq-1 maybe?). The drums were programmed using an Alesis SR-16 drum machine.