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...Recording Notes...

1.     A Quick Dance on a Shallow Grave
2.     Scary Night
3.     Song for the Chickens
4.     The Agonist
5.     K
6.     Addition by Refraction
7.     Postulus
8.     Valotti
9.     Olivine
10.    Shells in the Clocktower
11.    In Search of

Apothecary Charms was recorded and mixed from January 2007 to August 2008 at The Surface. Cubase was used for the recording, editing, and mixing.

I wanted to present a range of material on this project, and still maintain a tangible focus. I also wanted not to stray too far from the guitar most times, while still incorporating electronic sounds and unusual instrumentation. Many of the songs originated from a single sound or phrase, or an improvisation, and were built up from there over several months. I spent a lot of time fine-tuning the textural nuances and developing parts that would heighten the effect of the sounds I chose.

The guitars used were a US Masters Vector Versatek, a Kramer XKG-10, an Ibanez RG-550, and an Electra Westone Dynasty XV-2. Some songs used unusual tunings I have developed, the remainder were in standard tuning. Guitar amplification and processing were often handled with Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3 or Reaktor 5. A Roland VGA-7 was also used a few times, usually via direct out. The drums were performed or programmed using fxpansion BFD or Native Instruments Battery 3. Some actual drums/percussion/cymbals were also used. The bass was often recorded using the low-strung/detuned Ibanez RG-550 or the Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer. The synthesizers used include a Waldorf Micro Q and numerous virtual instruments. Other equipment used extensively: PreSonus MP-20, and plug-ins by Native Instruments, Waves, Cycling '74, Bias, and many others.