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...Recording Notes...

1.     April
2.     Balloons
3.     Unbridled
4.     Leaving
5.     A Mother's Sorrow
6.     Jorge and Juan Carlos
7.     Peace
8.     Dust
9.     Everafter
10.    Vision
11.    Blue

Arise was recorded and mixed from October 1993 to December 1995 at Altra Mix Productions in St. Louis, MO, using 16-bit ADAT machines. Some additional drum tracking was done at Axent Productions.

This project was developed slowly and deliberately with the help of engineer and co-producer Paul Su. In most cases, the tracking for each song was completed before moving on to the next song. Mixing was started after all recording was finished. Most of the songs were already in mind when the recording began, although the concept of the band was not. One of the goals was to put together different types of songs and a variety of textures without adhering to a preconceived picture of the whole.

The project took a long time to complete, due in part to the amount of learning that was taking place and the need to work somewhat sporadically over a two-year period.

The guitars used were an Ibanez RG-550, an Electra Westone Dynasty XV-2, and a Fender Stratocaster, all in standard tuning. A 1/4-size acoustic guitar was used on one song. The primary amplifier was a MosValve 962 with a Marshall 2 x 12 cabinet (1922). A Fender Twin was used on several songs. The cabinets were usually mic'd with a Shure SM57 or an AKG 414, although some of the guitars were recorded direct. Recording methods for drums and bass varied widely. Other microphones used: Shure SM94, Shure SM58, AKG D112, Audio-Technica ATM 25. The synthesizer used was a Korg 01F/D workstation. Other equipment used extensively on this project: Digitech GSP-2101, Roland SRV-2000, Ibanez SDE-1000, Lexicon LXP-15, Tech 21 SansAmp.