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...Recording Notes...

1.     The Birds of Years Past
2.     Perilous
3.     Middle Eastern #5
4.     Skating
5.     A Burning Ship
6.     The Colours of Darkness

The Colours of Darkness was recorded and mixed from May 2003 to October 2004 at The Surface in Oakland, CA. Drum tracking was done at Hollywood Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA in July 2002. The drums were tracked using ProTools. The rest of the project was recorded using the Yamaha AW4416 digital audio workstation. This recording was mastered in HDCD (high definition compatible digital).

The primary aim of this project was to showcase the darker, heavier music in the Trance Lucid catalog, which is not well represented on the band's two previous cds. The shorter EP format was chosen to sharpen the focus of the recording. Three of the songs were already a part of the live show, and the remaining three were put together in the studio.

The guitars used were a US Masters Vector Versatek, an Electra Westone Dynasty XV-2, an Ibanez RG-550, a Yamaha AEX500N, and a Kramer XKG-10 all in standard tuning, except detuned to Eb on the title track. The primary amplifier was a Roland VGA-7. A MosValve 962 with a Marshall 2 x 12 cabinet (1922) was used on several tracks. The guitars were often recorded using a direct out from the amp, sometimes they were mic'd with a Shure SM57. The bass (electric fretless bass and upright bass) were amped using a Gallien-Krueger MB5150 (direct out). When the upright was used, it was also mic'd with a Shure SM57. The drums were mic'd as follows: kick: AKG D112, snare: Shure SM57, hihat: Peavey T-9000, toms: Shure SM57, overheads: Peavey M480 condensers. The synthesizers used were a Waldorf Micro Q , a Roland GR-33, and a Kawai D-65. Other equipment used extensively: PreSonus MP-20, Antares AMM-1, Antares ATR-1a, Tech 21 SansAmp.