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...Recording Notes...

1.     Bright Gray
2.     Notes to Generate Hope
3.     Sunday
4.     March Forth
5.     A Wave...
6.     ...to the Ocean
7.     Catacombs
8.     For the Stars
9.     Spherical, as Always
10.    Minus One
11.    A Prayer
12.    Fur Elise
13.    A Picture of a Picture
14.    The Roots of this Tree
15.    Minus Two
16.    When Johnny Comes Marching Home

March Forth was recorded and mixed from October 2004 to September 2006 at The Surface in Oakland, CA. Cubase SX3 was used for the recording, editing, and mixing. Some earlier tracks were transferred from the Yamaha AW4416. This recording was mastered in HDCD (high definition compatible digital).

This project was created as a tribute to my dad, and the music was selected accordingly. Another force behind this project was a desire to try new approaches and techniques whenever possible, as there were many more tools available to serve this end than in earlier recordings.

The guitars used were a US Masters Vector Versatek, a 3/4-size folk acoustic, a Kramer XKG-10, an Ibanez RG-550, a Yamaha AEX500N, and an Electra Westone Dynasty XV-2. The tunings were varied; most songs used unusual tunings I have developed, a few used drop-A or standard tuning. The main amplifier was a Roland VGA-7, usually via direct out, but sometimes mic d with a Shure SM57. A MosValve 962 amplifier was used on several songs. The acoustic guitar was mic d with an Audio-Technica AT822 stereo mic. Most of the drums were performed using fxpansion BFD. Some actual drums/percussion/cymbals were also used. Programming was used on a few songs, with a variety of sound sources. The bass was often recorded using the low-strung/detuned Ibanez RG-550. The synthesizers used include a Waldorf Micro Q and numerous virtual instruments. Other equipment used extensively: PreSonus MP-20, Antares AMM-1, Cycling 74 Pluggo and plug-ins by Waves, Bias, and many others.