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...Recording Notes...

1.     Fluorescent
2.     Train
3.     Acrobat
4.     Ecoute
5.     Swift Rising Current
6.     Dark Horses
7.     Glorious
8.     On the Porch
9.     SF
10.   Lost Souls
11.   Catwalk#1

Unrevisited Live was recorded live at five different shows in California in 2001 and 2002. The venues were small, with the exception of one large outdoor plaza. The locations were: Union City 14December 2001 (tracks 2, 5), San Mateo 30December 2001 (tracks 1, 3, 6, 10), San Mateo 21April 2002 (track 9), Pleasant Hill 2June 2002 (track 8), and San Francisco 30August 2002 (tracks 4, 7, 11).

The music is previously unreleased material that was written between 1995 and 2000, and has been performed live by the band as far back as 1996. There are no studio recordings of these songs.

The recordings were made simply, direct to 2-track, using one stereo microphone (Audio-Technica AT822) and a portable DAT recorder (Sony PCM-M1). The microphone was centered approximately 10 to 12 feet in front of the band. The recordings were transferred to Cubase for balancing, processing, and conversion into masters.

The "direct to 2-track" approach using only one microphone allows for no mixing before or after the recording is made. Everything depends on the balance of the instruments in the room. Also, there was no overdubbing or editing done after the fact. Ambient/audience noise and performance imperfections were fully retained. The result is a set of intimate recordings that captures the band, live and unadulterated, in the moment.