d a v e h a l v e r s o n . c o m
h o m e . m u s i c . r e c o r d i n g  n o t e s . e q u i p m e n t . o d d i t i e s . o t h e r  p r o j e c t s . r e v i e w s . c o n t a c t



Apothecary Charms demonstrates, to me at least, that Halverson goes far beyond the usual one man projects we see today. This is a very talented individual who not only knows how to play a multitude of instruments, but also understands the need for actual songwriting. The album has plenty of atmosphere and variety. At times, I was reminded of the French solo pioneers of the late 70s (Richard Pinhas, Herve Picard (Ose), Claude Perraudin, and Michel Moulinie) where a sense of cosmic exploration, underscored by a psychedelic undertone and a jazzy disposition, made for a very good album.

-Tom Hayes


January 2015