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20th Century Guitar Magazine


Dave Halverson forged new ground on his 90s albums with Trance Lucid and he forges ahead with his 2003 CD release Fragments of What. Halverson is masterful at conjuring up a variety of moods on his guitars and hi-tech recording set-up, adding his expertise on keyboards, percussion, samples, and loops. A gifted guitarist who shares a similar sonic temperament with guitar giants like Fripp, Holdsworth, and Metheny, Halverson achieves lift-off on a number of tracks here, especially the prismatic In the Name of the Higher Quadrivium , the big-beat Weather Report groove of Omicron , and the sonic soundscapes of When We Were Young . On Fragments of What, Halverson steps outside the jazz-rock framework with a fascinating CD that merges a range of ambient soundtrack fusion textures and synth guitar-based instrumental sounds.


June 2004